Deducktion - Magnetic Travel Game

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Use your best deduction skills to place each duck on the board with SmartGames Deduction!

Can you place the three duck families so that all ducklings follow their mothers? Can you follow the colour-based and numerical clues? A magnetic travel game featuring 48 challenges, Deduction is a perfect travel companion.

Deducktion is a good game for kids age 6 to 12 and a nice introduction to logic and deduction. Adults might like it too, but real puzzlers will probably find it a little too easy. Just like all other magnetic SmartGames it has a handy, compact format perfect for travel.

Game Rules:

  • Choose a challenge.
  • Place all ducks on the game board according to following rules:
  • Each challenge gives specific hints about the location of some ducks:
  • A square with only a colour indicates that you must place a duck there with that specific colour. It can have any number.
  • A square with only a number indicates that you must place a duck there with that specific number. It can have any colour.
  • A square with both a colour and number indicates that the specific duck with that colour and number must be placed there.
  • Ducks of the same colour family must form a chain by being placed adjacent to each other (horizontally or vertically). Number 1 needs to be adjacent to number 2 of the same colour, number 2 needs to be adjacent to numbers 1 and 3 of the same colour, and so on. This chain can be straight but does not have to be, as long as the corresponding numbers are adjacent (solutions will feature chains of many different shapes).
  • There is only 1 solution, which can be found at the end of the booklet.

Suitable for ages 6 & up

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Deducktion - Magnetic Travel Game
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