Peppa Pig: Wooden Train
The Peppa Pig Wooden Grandpa Pigs Train features 1 bright red engine and 2 colourful carriages which couple together with magnets. Designed for small hands to and with smooth-rolling wheels. Includes 1 wooden Grandpa Pig figure with ‘drop n play’...
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Siku: 1:87 Double Decker Train
Attention please! The SIKU double-decker train is approaching Platform 1. The train, predominantly of metal, travels on smooth-running wheels and is decorated with bright graffiti. The SIKU double-decker train is fitted with standard SIKU train couplings at the front and...
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Hape: Steam-Era Freight Train
Chug your way along the track with this classic steam-era freight train! With a black engine and two bright red carriages, it is sure to get the job done. 1. Connect the engine to the carriages by linking the magnets...
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Hape: Cog Wheels Train
As you push this train down the track, the cogs on its wagon happily spin around for a truly dynamic play experience! The two cog sets can be removed for play involving loading and unloading. 1. Push the train down...
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Hape: Fantasia Blocks Train
Uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way. Interchangeable train cars add more possibilities. There's no right or wrong way to play with these shapes. Encourage trying new configurations. Talk about the patterns. What do...
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Hape: Steam-Era Passenger Train
It's morning and time for everyone to get to work! Push your steam-era locomotive and its bright red carriages down the track to make sure everybody gets to the office on time! 1. Connect the engine to the carriages by...
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Hape: Battery Powered Rolling Stock Set
With a blue engine, this battery powered rolling-stock set amusingly wiggles and wobbles! Let it loose on the track and watch the cargo in one car bounce up and down while the pumps in the other car spin round and...
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