Siku: Car with Motorboat
Pure luxury on the play circuit. The current Audi Q7 in this set tows a luxury sports boat from the Italian luxury yacht maker, performance marine. The floating and very detailed model sports boat with movable metal outboard engines is...
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Bruder Jet Ski with Rider
The new BRUDER personal Jet Ski features an unsinkable design to prevent any capsizing and it can accommodate two bworld figures. The rider has already been fully equipped so adventures on the water can immediately begin. Contents: Swimming hull (unsinkable)...
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Siku: World - Police Boat (Lights & Sounds)
Siku: World – Police Boat (Lights & Sounds) Smuggler chase on the wavesThe foam splashes on the bow. The police boat hisses through the water and sets a course for a speeding motor boat. The policemen are chasing smugglers, so...
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Siku: 1:1400 Mein Schiff
Siku: 1:1400 Mein Schiff Addition to the shipping fleet in the unusual 1:1,400 scale. The unusual and visually delightful design of the“Mein Schiff“ fleet of TUI Cruises started with the ship „Mein Schiff 1“. The model equipped with a metal...
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SIKU: Sailing Boat with Two Buoys - 1:50 Diecast Model
SIKU: Sailing Boat with Two Buoys – 1:50 Diecast Model Freedom under sail – Ready to set the jib? Going about! Ready to heave to and tie up? On the sailing boat, the skipper issues the commands. With the plastic...
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SIKU World: Container Ship
The big 404mm SIKU Container Ship has arrived at port and there is lots of work to do!
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