Hape: Rainbow Bowl
Have a rolling, bowling good time! Flip over the pins to peer at the world in mind-bending ways! Have your little one practice colors by having them aim for certain colored pins. -Flip the pins over and look through the...
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Hape: Bead Abacus
Hape: Bead Abacus The Hape Bead Abacus is a great way to help children learn their numbers. Children practise counting using the ten rows of ten beads in five different colours. Count all the ways to play. Specifics Product Dimensions:...
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Hape: Chunky Clock
Put the colored shapes into their right places to complete the pretty insects. At the same time, you’ll be learning how a clock works! This colorful puzzle gives children a fun introduction to tell the time. suitable from 3 years+
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Hape: Monster Math Scale - Playset
Hape: Monster Math Scale – Playset Monster family-themed scale with weights – 9 larger weights and 11 small, soft ones. Three difficulty levels, a fantastic way to learn about weights, measurements, simple math skills which helps to promote fine motor...
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Galt - Cosmic Coding Game
A fun board game designed to introduce children to coding. No prior coding knowledge is necessary Features: The game has been designed to fit in with Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum Cosmic Coding is a fun board game...
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Osmo: Maths - Wizard & the Secrets of The Dragons (Ages 6-8)
Maths Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons is a curriculum-inspired game that teaches your child measurement and estimation in a world filled with rare dragons. By incorporating physical game pieces, Osmo ensures kids learn by doing! Master measurement with...
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Osmo: Maths - Wizard & the Amazing Airships (Ages 6-8)
Deliver packages by flying airships, using mental math to stay afloat! In Airships, children build their own addition & subtraction equations while designing airships to fit the needs of their customers. In Clockwork, a digital-only game, children solve addition &...
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Smartivity: Fidget Digit - Multiplication Machine
Smartivity: Fidget Digit Multiplication Machine Two oneza two, two twoza four… Cram it till you jam it, old school style! So, we have created a multiplier to help your child learn the tables in a different and fun way! This...
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Coloured Dice (50 Pieces)
These dice in asssorted colours are perfect for classroom use. Each die is 16mm. The durable stackable container is 82mm x 67m. Made from durable plastic this set is ideal for classroom use. The clear stackable container makes storage easy....
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Hinkler: Launch into Maths - Invisible Ink Activity Book
Inkredibles: Launch into Maths Invisible Ink Activity Book Blast off into a whole new world of learning with Launch Into Maths! Children can test their wits against the multitude of out-of-this word number puzzles featured in this incredible invisible-ink book!...
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