SpyX - Spy Micro Door Alarm
SpyX – Spy Micro Door Alarm Being a spy, you don’t like to be surprised. With this Spy X door alarm you’ll always know when someone enters the room! Now you’ll always be prepared to what’s coming. SpyX, the ‘Jr....
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SpyX: Micro Spy Tools - Micro Spy light
Designed for a comfortable fit with the over-the-ear design, the Micro Spy Light makes for great hands free spying. Use the Micro Spy Light for your next night mission, and watch it bring a smile to your child's face as...
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SpyX - Spy Light Hand
SpyX – Spy Light Hand SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets and gear needed to spy like a pro. Playing spy is a fun way for kids to use their imagination while learning valuable skills through role...
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Discovery Kids: Night Mission Goggles
Fun spy gadget with LED lights & flip out magnifier scope. With tinted lens and 2 powerful lights LED lights these goggles will help you find your way in the dark. Features: Adjustable headband, flip out 2X magnifier scope, tinted...
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Toysmith: Black Light Science - Experiment Kit
Toysmith: Black Light Science – Experiment Kit Spy science and ultraviolet technology combine to create six cool UV experiments using black light. This nine piece set includes: An ultraviolet LED Highlighter UV sensitive putty 3 Sheets each of white and...
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Professor Maxwell's - VR Magic
Prepare to step on stage and experience magic for the first time in virtual and augmented reality, with Professor Maxwell’s VR MA­GIC! Filmed at the Magic Castle™ in Hollywood CA, kids will have a chance to go on stage and...
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IS Gift: Invisible Ink Spy Pens - with UV Light
Write secret messages only you and your friends can see! Each pen is filled with invisible ink & comes with a uv light. Write your secret message then illuminate to read. Features: The Invisible Ink Spy Pen to write, read,...
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