Zing: Go Go Bird - Classic
Go Go Bird is a remote control Bionic flying bird. Move Go Go Bird up-and-down to turn on and use the remote control to explore the sky! The integrated bionics, aerodynamics and precision machinery technology makes it easy to hold...
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Britz: High Flyer - Assorted Colours
Britz: High Flyer – Assorted Colours These High Flyers are great for indoor & outdoor play! Features: They will perform all sorts of aerial stunts with the simplest of launches. Flights of up to 10 metres can be achieved! Made...
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Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc
Extend the fun of playing with an Aerobie flying disc into the night with the new Skylighter lighted disc. Its bright LEDs illuminate the clear center and the translucent colored rim to make the entire Skylighter appear bright in the...
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Toysmith: Liqui-Fly - Hydro Rocket
Explore the the power of the Rockets with our Water Rocket Science Set. Our yellow rocket includes instructions and a power pump to launch the neat rocket. You blast off with the power of water and pressure. At this price,...
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4M: Sci:Bits - Pump Rockets Kit
Launch micro rockets that fly up to 20 feet. Discover the Newtonian rocket science behind 3..2..1..Blast Off! Contents: 1 x Pump 1 x Base 1 x Air Straw 3 x Pump Rockets
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Zing: Airang
The Zing Return Airang really returns to you! It's easy to fly and you can do heaps of cool tricks and stunts. WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face
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Toysmith: Butterfly Surprise
A new spin on a classic prank, the Surprise Butterfly is twisted literally. Using rubberbands, twist body of the butterfly and place in a book or binder for an eye-opening surprise as the butterfly flutters away. Contents: two trick butterflies...
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Slider Disc - 29cm
Slider Disc – 29cm Set the time. Pass it FAST. Catch, Rest and throw it back before it TRANSFORMS! Brand new outdoor action toy concept, featuring exciting and innovative time limit-based gameplay that fits in your pocket! Set the timer,...
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Zing: ZARTZ - Catch Pack
The original smart dart from Zing Equipped with innovative self release SOFTEK Suction Cup, ZARTZ can just about stick to any flat surface. ZARTZ are weighted to make them easy to launch and stick even when thrown backwards or sideways....
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Alexander Toys: Bean Bag Darts
Highly appealing darts like the game, in which you aim to throw beanbags onto an extra-large target board laying on the ground. Play safe, play everywhere. Timed throws? Throwing at full speed? Precise throws? Thanks to 8 game variants you...
$39.00 $23.00
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Tim Bird - Mechanical Flying Bird
This is a Flying Bird unlike any other and it flies up to 50 meters, with it’s unique rubber band powered mechanical flapping wing mechanism You can even fool the Cat! Just assemble the wings, mechanism and body, then wind...
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Toysmith: Sky High - Zoom Copter
Toysmith: Sky High – Zoom Copter This easy to assemble outdoor helicopter has a rip cord action and can fly over 10 meters high. Rotor measures 24cm across. Specifics: Brand: Toysmith Materials: Plastic Colour: Black Size: 24cm Suitable for ages...
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Waboba: Wingman Foldable Frisbee - Neon Sun
Waboba: Wingman Foldable Frisbee – Neon Sun Always along for the ride! When you’re ready to fly, you've got a Wingman in the sky. With its unique aerodynamic design, Wingman flies over 40 meters and doesn’t veer off course to...
$10.00 $8.50
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