Schleich: Clydesdale Foal

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Clydesdale foals are already almost a metre tallat birth.

Clydesdales grow more slowly than other horse breeds. The foals aren’tfully grown until the age of seven or eight, instead of four or five. They thenweigh over 1,000 kg – as much as a small car. They are so strong that theycan pull objects that are much heavier than themselves. This also means theyneed a lot of food and water. Every day, they need 20–25 kg of grain withminerals and vitamins, and around 50–60 kg hay. Needless to say, this makesthem thirsty – very thirsty, in fact. Clydesdales drink over 100 litres ofwater per day.


  • Hand Painted & Highly Detailed
  • Realistically detailed for imaginative play and educational purposes!
  • Composed of high quality plastic to ensure durability!
  • Perfect for inquisitive young minds

Suitable for Ages 3 & up

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Schleich: Clydesdale Foal
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